Message in a... Kaseta
my name is Vassilis (aka m_jr) and I live in Athens, Greece.
This site expresses my passion for music, my passion for design, coding and my love for the web.
When i was young i was always painting my kasetes (mixtapes), I was always sharing them with my friends.
It was sooo cool to pick tracks after hours of research, it was so cool to express my self through music.
That’s why I created the, because we must share the coolness, we must enjoy picking tracks, we must feel artist, because we are not robots we are humans, don’t ever forget that, we must create something from scratch to feel the real happiness.
And when we feel it, we must share it, because music is art!

Let’s create kasetes, for the good and the bad times.
Let's create the soundtrack of our lives.
Let's be artists!

Thank you,


PS1: Here I would like to thank Jonh Andreou for the one line code saver! Thanks John!
PS2: This site is not the result of a big company,
actually it’s all one man’s work, so forgive me if some bugs will be corrected slowly.

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